10 Latina Celebs & Their Favorite Sports Teams!

Whoever said guys are the only gender with the competitive nature to cheer when their team scores the winning touchdown, pitches a no-hitter, or edges out the opposing team in penalty kicks, is sorely mistaken. These Latina sports fans are proof that with a little face paint and a lot of heart, the ladies in the stands can be just as influential in helping to propel their teams to victory!

1. Sports Fans: Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez

Who would have guessed that this part-Venezuelan, part-Cuban actress best known for her Telemundo roles and a leading spot in Will Ferrell’s telenovela spoof Casa de Mi Padre is a hardcore sports enthusiast? Genesis Rodriguez’s love for her hometown team, the NBA’s Miami Heat, seems unwavering according to a recent profile of the looker by GQ. The bombshell would be thrilled to take a group photo with the team, and we bet more than a few of the Heat’s players feel the same way about her!

2. Sports Fans: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got, she’s still Jenny from the block which lands her smack dab in New York Yankees territory! Jennifer Lopez is a Yankees fan tried and true, and she has a plethora of T-shirts, jerseys, and other memorabilia to prove it. Though the entrepreneur’s MLB heart belongs to her home team, when it comes to football Lopez can most likely be seen rooting for the Miami Dolphins. She co-owns the NFL team with ex-hubby Marc Anthony.

3. Sports Fans: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s sports love, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, might not have the best record in the league, but at least we know she’s not a fair weather fan! Though the popular part-Mexican actress resides in Los Angeles, she can often be spotted in the stands at Oakland’s Oracle Arena cheering on her team.

4. Sports Fans: Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

We have a sneaking suspicion fans of Gisele Bundchen, or the NFL’s New England Patriots, won’t have any trouble guessing which team the Brazilian supermodel can be found lending her support to. Bundchen’s husband, Tom Brady, stars as the Patriots’ quarterback. Her devotion to her team, and her husband, caused her to famously lash out after her team’s loss to the New York Giants – talk about some stubborn superfandom!

5. Sports Fans: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Hailing from Brazil, it’s no surprise that supermodel Adriana Lima screams loud and proud for her favorite fútbol team. The Victoria’s Secret Angel, who is married to a former pro-basketball player, can be found yelling at the top of her lungs for Inter Milan soccer team.

6. Sports Fans: La La Vazquez Anthony

La La Vazquez Anthony

La La’s love for forward Carmelo Anthony makes her New York Knicks royalty by marriage. The Nuyorican television personality is seen courtside at many NBA games rocking her devotion for her husband and her team in custom made Knicks Louboutins. What could be more female fan friendly than a pair of those high-class heels?

7. Sports Fans: Shakira


Singer and songwriter sensation Shakira may also be considered a fan by association, but that doesn’t make her any less fierce! Her relationship with boyfriend Gerard Piqué has given FC Barcelona a new sexy siren cheering them on in the stands, which happens to coincide with some recent success the soccer team has been having the past several years. Coincidence? We’re not sure, but the birth of Shakira’s baby will surely add yet another new fan to the sport!

8. Sports Fans: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

A-list actress Cameron Diaz doesn’t limit herself to just one sports team; she seems to be a fan of them all! The ultimate guy’s girl, this beauty’s two chief teams of choice tend to be the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and MLB’s New York Yankees. Whether viewing basketball, baseball, or football games, Diaz can be found in the thick of the action entranced by it all, and her presence often gets as much attention as the players themselves! 

9. Sports Fans: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is another knockout who seems like one of the guys when it comes to her love of sports. In fact, when attending such events with Justin Bieber, the part-Mexican superstar tends to seem more into the hype than the more subdued Biebs. Gomez is a strong supporter of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs from her home state of Texas. Fans who follow her on Twitter may just a catch a tweet or two in encouragement of her favorite teams.

10. Sports Fans: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

With Demi Lovato’s longstanding connection to the team, it comes as no surprise that this stunning singer and actress is a Dallas Cowboys fan to the core. Not only did Lovato grow up in Texas, but her mom had a coveted position as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Let’s not forget that Lovato herself had the opportunity to show off her vocal talents singing the national anthem in 2008 for the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game.