4 Rumors About J.Lo & Marc We Aren’t Sure You Should Believe

No one is going to know 100 percent what happened to breakup Hollywood's highest profile Latin couple unless one of them breaks the silence. As far as we're concerned, until we hear either Jennifer Lopez or Marc Anthony speak out on the split, everything is conjecture. In fact, we spoke to Jennifer and Marc as recently as June and the couple seemed super  in love, talking about working together and their marriage in a manner that seems totally contradictory to all of the recent reports of ongoing trouble.

We have reached out to reps for both Marc and Jennifer, but they’ve declined to comment beyond their initial statement, asking that the media respect the couple’s privacy during this difficult time. But there are certainly plenty of people talking, which got us wondering just how credible they are. Here are four claims made by the tabloids that we don’t fully buy.


CLAIM: Jealousy caused the breakup

Jennifer has given so many interviews where she spoke about how totally supportive Marc has been of her career. For example, when she won the title of People magazine's World’s Most Beautiful Woman, Marc's response was, "I was like, ‘You think I didn’t know that?’ I mean, I went all in seven years ago. I’m like, ‘Finally, world, you’re just catching  up!’”

They weren't committed to each other or their family

Marc gushed to us about just how involved Jennifer is in the day-to-day life of the family: "We  could take any job and any responsibility, but the biggest one we have is to our family.  That’s the biggest job of all. Jennifer loves to cook, loves family time, she loves when we all eat together." Lopez echoed this statement by saying, "I  do care, I do do things that are going to make their lives easier, better. I do hold them [Max and Emme] when they’re crying—all those things that you do as a mother and a wife are so much more rewarding than anything else in life. I do get a lot of joy out of that."

When it comes to making their marriage work, Lopez added, "It’s  about time, it’s about making the time for each other; it’s  about being there for each other for the good moments and for the bad  moments, you know, it’s just about caring. To say how to care for somebody is a long list, but that’s really what it takes."

CLAIM: Marc (or J.Lo, you can switch either one out here) was super controlling and obsessive

Rumors of this variety have been floating around for years: "Marc won't let  Jennifer wear a certain dress," or "Jennifer had her assistant follow Marc on  tour and video shoots." But Lopez's take on the situation doesn't seem  to jive with this picture: “Because we have respect for each other,  we’re able to listen to each other’s, I wouldn’t say criticism, but  critiques of each other, and take them as a constructive thing, not as something that’s meant to hurt you, and we’re able to grow from that,” she told us. “I can say to him, ‘You know, I think it would be better if, when you’re onstage, you had this back-up singer’ or whatever, and he can listen to  me and not say, ‘Well, I don’t think so.’ We really do listen to each  other’s opinions knowing that the other person really wants to help you.”

As for their Kohl's partnership, Marc even told us that J.Lo was hands-off when it came to his men's clothing line: "I have my line for Kohl’s and she has her line for Kohl’s,” he said. “And there’s an obvious connection and so in some of the campaigns, we’ll do stuff  together. But she has nothing to do with my line and I have nothing to  do with  her line.”

CLAIM: Jennifer’s mother Guadalupe reached out to her ex Ben Affleck for marriage advice.

We’re not even going to bother debunking this one. Need we remind people that this is a Latina mom?! NO WAY she would go spreading her familia’s bochinche around Hollywood, even if her house was burning down. We’re 100 percent positive that Lupe has been there for Jenny just like all of our mom’s would be, helping with the kids, making us asopao, and generally keeping us from losing our minds.