'Idol' Contestant Lazaro Arbos: "I Don't Have a Valentine, So I Don't Have to Worry About Buying Roses" (EXCLUSIVE)


How can this be? 

Lazaro Arbos, the 21-year-old singer whose heavenly voice wowed the judges and captivated America, tells Latina.com exclusively that even though he has millions of new fans (whom he loves), he doesn't have a date for Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day)! 

"I don't have a Valentine, so I don't have to worry about buying roses," the adorable Cuban-American singer tells Latina.com. "I'm going to be with my friends and that's it! Nothing special" {Laughs}. 

Still, Arbos, who grew up isolated with few friends because his speech was "way worse when I was growing up," says one very good thing has come out of his Idol experience so far. "Now I definitely have thousands of people asking to be my best friend" {Laughs}. "It's shocking and scary and exciting," he adds. 

What do you say, chicas? Does anyone want to volunteer to be Lazaro's Valentine? 

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