Cameron Diaz: Weight Gain Makes Butt Look "Mighty Fine"

Photo: Grosby Group

Cameron Diaz knows the value of a little extra junk in her trunk. The tall, svelte stunner recently told reporters while doing press for her new film What Happens in Vegas: "I have a little butt. It's not a big, chunky a** but it's proportionate to my body. A while ago, I put on about six pounds and most of it went back there. It looked mighty fine, I can tell you that!"

Ah yes, we love it when super-skinny actresses remark about the joys of putting on a few extra pounds, and then shed them as quickly as you can say "South Beach Diet." From what we can tell, Cameron is back to her normal size-zero physique. If you liked the booty so much, mami, then why not keep it?



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