Daily Chisme: Don Omar's Dad Claims Star Threatened Him, Wants Son to Go to Prison

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- Don Omar just can't seem to cut a break. Last month the reggaetonero was in jeopardy of getting sued for skipping out on carnival and now he has some drama with his dad, William Landrón Laureano. The father and son have not spoken in over six years and the Puerto Rican singer spoke out about his family issues in an interview with Telemundo. "My father spoke badly of my mother on national television in Puerto Rico, the woman who gave me everything in life and worked double because he didn't have a job," he continued, "From that day forward I decided that I would never have a relationship with him."

Their beef has resurfaced since Laureano claims that Don Omar recently called him up and threatened to beat him up. "After these years he dares to call me up and threaten me," his dad told Telemudo in a separate interview. "I'm going to send him to prison. I need an order of protection against him," he said.

Laureano continued the interview by stating that he hopes they can resolve their issues. Our guess is that won't happen if he tries to get his son locked up.

Do you believe his father's allegations?