11 Evil Kermit Memes That Hilariously Sum Up Your Dating Life

First, the Internet changed our childhood memories of our favorite aardvark, Arthur. Now, meme-makers are making sure you’ll never look at once-innocent Kermit the Frog the same ever again. Whether you're wondering about dropping that no-good dude or starting an embarrassing scene with him, dark-hooded Evil Kermit is whispering in your ear to "screw it and do you."

Flip through to check out the hilariousness!

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1. Kermit Memes 1

#DailyVices #Kermit #Dead via @barbie_bates_

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2. Kermit Memes 2

I can't let the hoes go Follow @typicalbruh for more

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4. Kermit Memes 6

So #petty yet #funny . .finish him #lol

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5. Kermit Memes 10

#evil #kermit

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6. Kermit Memes 11

If this ain't me! #Kermit #badKermit #mylife #characterflaw #selfgrowth

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7. Kermit Memes 12


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8. Kermit Memes 13

#kermit #kermitthefrog

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9. Kermit Memes 14

#facts #kermit #memeland its logical #girlfriend be like #pow #surprise

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10. Kermit Memes 15

And I have back up petty @mrs.blackway FINISH THEM #teampetty #kermit

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11. Kermit Memes 16

Where is the lie? Ahahahaahahahahaha #Kermit

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