EXCLUSIVE: For Marc and Jennifer, Family Was Everything

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez may have decided to end their seven-year marriage, but given how committed they both have been as parents to three-year-old twins Max and Emme, chances are they’ll be seeing a lot of each other for the sake of the family.

Max & Emme Turn 3!

In a recent, exclusive interview with Latina, Jennifer told us that, although she feels very fulfilled with all of her success, what brings her the most joy are the moments when she can say, “Ah, I was a good mom right there! I did something right for my kids.” 

Those private moments include cooking for her kids. “She is perfection [in the kitchen],” Marc told us back in June. Un poquito de seven cheese lasagna—forget it. She throws down—and she throws everybody out the kitchen, too! She’s like, ‘I got this,’” he joked.

Growing up with superstar parents isn’t something Max and Emme fully understand just yet, according to Marc. “They don’t connect it; they don’t see the value in what we do just yet,” Marc said. “It’s hard for them to separate reality from [work]. They just go, ‘How did you get in the TV?’ That’s all they want to know. They stare and go, ‘How did you get inside there?’ They’re so much fun.”

Baby, You're Famous!

But just because they don’t fully get the power of the Marc and J.Lo brand yet doesn’t mean the adorable tots don’t take after their mami and papi. In fact, Marc told us that Emme, like her parents, likes to hum melodies. “She loves to sing,” he said. “Her little vibratos are the cutest thing ever. I know that feeling because she’s not singing to be heard. It’s usually when she’s in her room and we have the monitors on and we could hear what’s going on. And she’s just laying in bed just singing because it feels good; it’s soothing.”

As for Max, Marc said he sees him as more of the “non-singer.” “We are definitely sending him to business school,” said Marc. “He’s quite brilliant, the way he assesses things and comes to conclusions. I’m like, ‘Who are you, little man?’ He has this insatiable appetite to do something. Everything is larger than life; if he’s going to jump, he’s going to jump from the roof. Instead of Maximilian, I call him Maxibillion,” he added with a laugh.   

According to Marc, Max and Emme are being raised “100 percent bilingual.” One of the ways that they introduced Spanish in the home was through music. “There’s salsa at the house,” Marc said, though he specified that he doesn’t like to listen to his own music. “They’ll dance to anything—salsa, merengue and Spongebob.”

It’s way too soon to know what the pending divorce will do to the kids, but there’s reason to think both Marc and Jennifer will do their best to protect them and keep the family unit strong—even if things didn’t turn out as planned.