Daily Chisme: George Lopez on Eva Longoria's Dating Style - "She Doesn't Discriminate"

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- There’s no doubt that George Lopez and Eva Longoria have love for one another. The comedian came out to support the Desperate Housewives star at the 12th annual Padres Contra el Cancer El Sueno De Esperanza Gala in Las Vegas.

During a red carpet interview with E! Online, George playfully poked fun about the 37-year-old star’s much younger new boyfriend and NFL player, Mark Sanchez, 25. “She disappears on Sundays now,” he joked. “The one thing I appreciate about Eva is that, no matter what grade a dude is in, she doesn't discriminate on who she's dating,” he said.

Everyone knows Eva has a thing for younger men and there’s nothing wrong with that, verdad?

- Jessica Alba has been celebrating a great year thanks to the successful launch of her baby product and eco-friendly line, The Honest Company. Before things took off the ground, the mother-of-two admitted that her number one supporter was her husband, Cash Warren.

In an interview with Fortune she said, “I mean, it really did take me three and a half years to find my partners, to helping me hone in and focus on the business. He gave a lot of constructive criticism but encouraged me to keep moving forward.” She has a keeper!

- Congrats to Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel for scoring the first 9 during this season of Dancing With the Stars All-Stars. The couple earned a 26 out of 30, which puts them in the running on the leader board. Who are your favorites this season?

- Selena Gomez and Benecio del Toro want you to Vote 4 Stuff! Watch the star-filled PSA below!