Jenni Rivera Remembered: 9 Ways She Is Still Making Her Mark

On December 9, 2012 the world mourned the loss of Jenni Rivera, one of the most influential Mexican American singers who died in a plane crash just hours after she had performed a concert in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The following months since her death family, friends, and fans have had the trying task of enduring grief all the while remembering her bubbly spirit through countless of mediums she left behind. On the anniversary of her death we reflect on all that she left for us, and remember her legacy that will continue to live on. 

1. jenni slide 01 recording

Live Recording

Earlier this month Universal Music released 1969 - Siempre, En Vivo Desde Monterrey, Parte 1 which is one of the last recordings the songstress ever did. The live concert was recorded at her final show in Nuevo Leon, a day before she passed away. The album, infused fully in her norteño-banda signature style,  includes tracks such as "Que me entierren con la banda", "Rosita Alvirez", "Vida prestada", "Se les peló Baltazar", "Clave privada", "El moreño" and "Dos botellas de mezcal."

2. jenni slide 02 dvd


1969 - Siempre, En Vivo Desde Monterrey, Parte 1  also comes with a DVD that includes the scenes from her last concert, as well as moments of Jenni’s life from the beginning of her career through the rehearsal of her unknowingly farewell performance.

3. jenni slide 03 biopic


One of the most anticipated Jenni remembrances will be the upcoming biopic film. The feature film was originally set to star Mexican telenovela actress Itali Cantoral. However, she was subsequently fired for bad behavior and excessive drinking. It was announced in October that her eldest daughter Chiquis would be portraying the role of her mother. Currently Chiquis is undergoing voice and dance lessons to prepare for the film, and will also take the stage and perform some of her mother’s greatest hits.

4. jenni slide 04 pinata


There have been a number of ways the public has celebrate the late norteña singer. However, one of the strangest ways one could honor the queen of Banda is to give her a smack on the head! Let us explain: Back in June Robert Martinez, a piñata maker, constructed a piñata that depicted Jenni in her entirety: curly long hair, short black dress...the works! He said a fan requested the festive tradition in way to remember her by. Although Martinez received criticism for his creation, as the intention is to break the piñata in order to get the candy that is inside of it, he said it’s a form of art. “I see it as a way of respecting and honoring her memory because she just died, and I’m aware that we use piñatas to beat them with sticks and break them, but I see it differently. It’s an art. It can be seen as a statue that you can have in your bedroom.”

5. jenni slide 05 tribute

Tribute Concert

Some of Jenni’s favorite performers are honoring her in a special live tribute concert titled “Jenni Rivera Lives” in Monterrey, Mexico during the week of December 9th. Some of the artists include Tito El Bambino and Mexican singer Marisela. It also rumored that her daughter Chiquis will perform some of her mother’s hits.

6. jenni slide 06 brother

A Brother’s Performance

A heartfelt moment, in the wake of Jenni’s death, was her visibly shaken and emotional performance by her brother, singer, Lupillo Rivera during her memorial concert last year. For the anniversary Lupillo is scheduled to perform a free concert in Nuevo Leon, near the site of Jenni’s fatal accident, for fans. The show will take place on December 8.

7. jenni slide 07 online fans

Online Fan Posts

For fans dealing with the death of Jenni has been considerably significant. One way they have united, digitally that is, is through countless of remembrance memes, and online posts. It’s quite a moving and touching experience to witness how numerous fans have honored their sorely missed singer. And as we all know, online vigils last on forever.

8. jenni slide 08 programming

All-Day Programming

Mun2, a Latino entertainment cable network, began a round of memorial programming for Jenni, since Thanksgiving, and will continue on through December 9. The network is honoring her legacy through reruns of her popular reality show "I Love Jenni,” On the 9th, an all-day tribute will take place with screenings of the final season of her reality show. Fans will be able to join in on the conversation through live tweets live the on-air using @mun2 and #ILoveJenni.

9. jenni slide 09 autobiography


In July 2013, just seven months after her death, Unbreakable, My Story, My Way, Jenni’s autobiography was released, a book that was scheduled to release way before her untimely death. In the book, Jenni recounts her story and leaves us with inspirational words that are simply unforgettable: "I can’t get caught up in the negative because that destroys you. Perhaps trying to move away from my problems and focus on the positive is the best I can do. I am a woman like any other, and ugly things happen to me like any other woman. The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up."