Daily Chisme: J.Lo's $20 Million Extortion Lawsuit Against Driver Dismissed!

We are back gossip lovers! Grab your café and dig into our special chisme edition below:

Jennifer Lopez isn’t getting more Benjamin’s in her bank account from her $20 million extortion lawsuit filed against her former driver Hakob Manoukian. A California judge dismissed the case on Wednesday.

It all started when Manoukian, a driver she had since 2005, sued the “Dance Again” singer back in the spring for wrongful termination and breach of contract. J.Lo’s legal team decided to fight his case and filed a countersuit claiming that he demanded $2.8 million bonus or he would talk to the press about her personal secrets.

According to the court documents obtained by E! News, J.Lo’s lawsuit was dropped because it was deemed a legal strategy to burden the plaintiff and encourage him to drop his case. Manoukian’s case, which is still pending, claims that he was never paid for “production pay” including, lunch breaks or overtime. In addition, he alleges that he was hired as her fulltime chauffeur, but was later demoted to part-time. His trial will begin in May 2013.

Sounds like her ex-husband Ojani Noa isn't the only one who causes legal drama in her life! Do you think J.Lo should pay up?