J.Lo No Longer Most Powerful Celebrity

Jennifer Lopez is no longer the leader. By that, we mean the Boricua superstar has fallen from her previous post as the world’s most powerful celebrity to the 12th spot on Forbes' list, according to Fox News Latino. Oprah Winfrey now holds the honor, with her omnipresence in the media and, you know, millions and millions of dollars.

Unlike most lists by Forbes, which are usually based on earnings and net worth, this specific Celebrity 100 list focuses on other aspects that come with being famous; how often each celeb is mentioned in print and on TV, as well as their Internet presence. You know, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all that.

Though J.Lo has more Twitter followers than Oprah does, Oprah has the Instagram game on lock (about 1.5 million people care what Ms. Winfrey's many photos of vegetables and flowers).