This Argentine Model is Claiming Lionel Messi is Bad in Bed

This Argentine Model Says Lionel Messi Is Bad in Bed

Lionel Messi may be a god on the fútbol field, but not so much when it comes to the bedroom.

One of Messi’s former lovers has recently opened up regarding their relations together, and it’s not sounding so good for the athlete.

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Xoana Gonzalez, an Argentinean actress and model, told The Sport Bible “he knew what he was doing, was not minor." Though Gonzalez didn’t definitively explain how they met, she explained “that he is the wimp, though because he sent his security to get me. There I noticed that he is very shy. We talked about music and cannot remember if he told me he had a girlfriend or not. After a while we went to his apartment in Puerto Madero.”

She continued, really twisting the knife, “When one plays across the whole pitch, you expect someone to return the [favor]. I wanted him to show me more than that. At one point I felt like I was with a dead body.” You read it right – a dead body.

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Elite Daily reports that despite the soccer star's questionable romantic history, he's currently involved with Argentine beauty Antonella Roccuzzo, whom he often shows off on his Instagram account.