Mariah Carey is Expecting A Boy AND A Girl!

The speculation as to whether Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting a boy or a girl has officially come to an end.

According to Life & Style, Mariah and her hubby are expecting a boy—and a girl! "It's all about pink and blue these days," a friend of the couple tells the magazine. "It's truly going to be a dream come true for them. They get a son and daughter."

But just because Mariah is having one of each that doesn’t mean you can expect the singer to paint one room blue and another pink. "Even before we announced it was twins, I was trying to keep everything gender neutral because I didn't want to impose an identity on them too soon," Mariah tells Life & Style. "There were fan contests on Twitter about what gender they are and rumors about them being two boys or two girls—but nobody guessed this!"

Nick revealed that he and Mariah were expecting twins back in December after Mimi referred to her belly as “they” during an interview. "I didn't even tell my wife I was gonna do this,” he said a the time. “I'm probably gonna get yelled at for not getting permission. We're having twins!"

Mariah’s fraternal twins are expected to make their debut in April.