10 Things You Didn't Know About Moises Arias

The hottest sci-fi flick of the year, Ender's Game, boasts one incredible Latino actor, colombiano Moises Arias!

Arias takes on the difficult role of Bonzo Madrid, an aggressive, jealous, and domineering command leader who makes life difficult for the protagonist, Ender Wiggin, played by Asa Butterfield. The movie, based on the popular 1980s young adult novel, co-stars Hollywood heavyweights lHarrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis, and Ben Kingsley. 

Ender's Game is just the beginning for this multi-talented actor, and if Moises Arias isn't already on your radar -- well, trust us, he will be soon! Check out 10 things you never knew about the Latino: 

He’s Rico from Hannah Montana:

Yes, there’s a reason he looks familiar! Moisés Arias’s got his start on the popular Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. He played “Rico Suave”, a wealthy, intelligent Latino and the main antagonist of the series.

He’s only 19: 

Although it seems like Arias has been acting for awhile, he’s actually only 19-years-old! He snagged his first role in 2005, when he was just 10-years-old.

He’s a New Yorker: 

Moisés Arias is a native New Yorker. He was born in the Big Apple on April 18th, 1994. 

He’s Colombian:

Both of his parents call Colombia home. His mother hails from Medellin, Colombia, and he often visits his parents’ native country. “I think Colombia is beautiful,” he told Fox News Latino, “The women, the food, the people, everything about Colombia is awesome.”

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