Needed More Proof They're Dating? The Weeknd Calls Out Selena Gomez for Wearing His Sweatshirt

Selena Gomez Caught with The Weeknd's Sweatshirt

The best part about having a new boo is snuggling into their warm clothing, and Selena Gomez certainly knows it!

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The Mexican-American star was seen wearing The Weeknd's sweatshirt on social media, which he, of course, did not let slip by. Gomez posted a photo of herself with friends/coworkers in what looks like the studio. Though the pic is dark, it's clear the star is rocking a red hooded sweatshirt. Her rumored boyfriend wasted no time calling Gomez out. "Sweater," the rapper commented, with an eye roll emoji, which was captured by a devoted follower.

The comment, of course, suggests that Gomez stole his sweatshirt. Another fan, however, confirmed that it is indeed his sweatshirt, being that he was previously photographed in it. 

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This isn't the first time she's snuck into his closet, either. Earlier this month, Gomez was spotted wearing a t-shirt in honor of The Weeknd. More recently, she showed him some love by flying all the way to Amsterdam for his concert. Gomez was reportedly backstage during the show and plans on accompanying him to some shows during the rest of his tour.

Check out the sweater pic below: