Sofia Vergara Expecting Baby With Nick Loeb Via a Surrogate?

Sofia Vergara may be preparing for motherhood sooner than we think. Despite confirming that she missed the Oscars because she caught the flu, new rumors suggest that she was never sick at all and instead was at the hospital secretly meeting her surrogate.

This sounds far fetched, but according to The National Enquirer, the Colombian actress and fiancé Nick Loeb decided to have a baby via a surrogate because her future husband doesn’t want her famous curves to be ruined after childbirth. The 40-year-old Modern Family star reportedly “picked one of her healthiest and closest friends" for the position.

Vergara has admitted to wanting a family and talked about freezing her eggs in the past. "I guess I am going to think about freezing my eggs," admitted the beautiful bombshell to InStyle last year.

The tabloid report goes on to claim that the couple and surrogate rushed to the hospital a few days before the Oscars because they suffered a miscarriage scare, which turned out to be a false alarm. "After several hours, it was determined that the baby was fine, and so was the surrogate mom," an insider told the publication.

Vergara’s camp has not commented on the story as of yet. Do you believe the rumors?