11 Stars Who've Worn a Selena Quintanilla Shirt and Where to Buy Them

Selena Quintanilla lives on in so many ways as her legacy continues to grow. The late Mexican-American singer is still celebrated today for her impact on music, entertainment, fashion, and community philanthropy. The Tejano icon was a passionate and humble spirit who many artists and celebrities still recognize today. Here are some stars who have repped the Tex-Mex queen on their attire.

9 Selena Quintanilla T-shirts Every Chica Should Own

1. Selena Gomez


The singer honors her namesake Selena Quintanilla with a vintage T-shirt when she stepped out to lunch. Vintage Selena Quintanilla 1997 We Will Miss You in Large, $160.70, etsy.com

2. Karol G


While in Peru performing for her Unstoppable tour the Colombian singer and composer posted this picture on her Instagram.  Andy Warhol-inspired Selena T-shirt, $34.99, Etsy.

3. Diplo


The superstar DJ posted his Selena T-shirt on his Instagram back in October. "Selena Como La Flor" T-shirt in black, $39, UrbanOutfitters.

4. Cristela Alonzo


The comedian donned her Selena T-shirt to celebrate the Selena Google Doodle, which honored the Tejano star's legacy and her 1989 Selena album. Selena y los Dinos T-shirt, $24, BarbacoApparel.

5. Leslie Jones

YouTube screenshot

The SNL writer and actress rocked a Selena T-shirt with a black blazer on Late Night with Seth MeyersSelena signature T-shirt, $28, UrbanOutfitters.

6. Offset


Looks like this shirt is popular! Back in March of last year, the member of the hip-hop trio, Migos, posted this picture on his Instagram with the caption "R.I.P." in memory of her untimely death. Selena signature T-shirt in white, $28, Urbanoutfitters

7. Skai Jackson


The Disney star is a huge Selena fan. She's tweeted out "Happy birthday Selena. We miss you!" Signature Selena Floral T-shirt in black, $17.90, NewGraphicTees

8. Drake


Drake won us over when he posted on his Instagram a picture of him wearing a Selena shirt. The artist bought these shirts from a 21-year-old designer at the time named Daniel Bruze. Selena airbrushed T-shirt available only by request, $90, DBruze.

9. Big Sean

Koury Angelo via billboard.com

The rapper told Billboard he collects vintage T-shirts. "Selena's a legend. She did it big; she was the first," says Big Sean. "I'm going to rock her on the tee, just like I rock Tupac, just like I rock Biggie." Vintage concert T-shirts are hard to find as the rapper mentions. Vintage 90's Concert T-shirt are rare, this one is sold out on Etsy since 2016. Similar ones can be found online but they are very pricey. Replicas of the 1995 Selena Quintanilla Perez "The Queen Of Tejana" T-shirt, $17.90, Puyunan.com.

10. Kylie Jenner


The social media star originally got criticized for wearing the Selena T-shirt. However, Selena's brother, A.B. Quintanilla commented, "It's all about the memory of Selena. You guys are not seeing the big picture. Kylie has done Selena a huge favor...A lot might not even know who Selena is and will go investigate." "We Miss You" vintage Selena T-shirt in black, $15, Etsy.

11. Lady Gaga


The artist shared her favorite shirt on Twitter. "Amor Prohibido" slayer Selena unisex T-shirt in black, $24, Etsy.