Bella Thorne Opens Up About Coming Out on Twitter Q&A

@bellathorne/ Instagram

Bella Thorne opened up about her coming out process and even gave fans advice on their own coming out during a Twitter Q+A.

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After photos of her kissing a girl surfaced online, the former Disney starlet decided to let the world know she’s attracted to more than one gender with a simple tweet. Although the announcement grabbed people's attention, the 20-year-old says she never had an official 'coming out.' 

During a Midnight Sun chat, the actress responded to fans’ questions about her sexuality. When one fan asked how she decides who to focus on if she's having feelings for multiple people, the actress said she let her body decide. The Midnight Sun actress even encouraged a fan who asked about how to come out to their parents and friends to "be strong." She advised them to proceed with "Honesty and bluntness. You can’t hide who you are forever and be happy.”

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The Cuban-American latina also mentioned that she never had a “coming out” conversation with her parents, and simply posted about it on Twitter, saying, “I just came out on twitter but I figured [my mom] already knew.”