EXCLUSIVE: Eva Longoria's TV Husband Calls Her Divorce "A Private Matter"

OK, so given today's news, it's clear that Eva Longoria's real life husband Tony Parker doesn't have her back—or her best interest at heart. But there is someone who does—her TV husband, Ricardo Chavira!

When Latina.com learned that Longoria filed for divorce from her husband of three years earlier today, we emailed Chavira's rep to try and get his take on the news, but he wasn't about to put his TV wife of seven years on blast, not to us, and probably not to anybody. In an email through his rep, Chavira replied bluntly that he has "Absolutely no comment on such a private matter."

Clearly, Chavira, who plays Eva's TV husband Carlos Solis on ABC's Desperate Housewives, has a lot of respect for his fictional wife and her privacy. And it's true that Carlos has cheated on Eva more times than we can count (seriously he's been with all of Wisteria Lane by now!), but that was scripted, so we forgive him.

If you ask us, Ricardo's a keeper!