EXCLUSIVE: Gina Rodriguez Talks About Need for Unity in Latinx Community and More

Gina Rodriguez is an activist, an award-winning actress, a director, and a producer but she still manages to take time and stand up for the Latinx community any chance she gets. Apart from her #MovementMondays hashtag, where she showcases all the talented members of the community that are doing great work, she drops several mics when it comes to Latina women.

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On Sunday, Robyn Moreno, sat down with the Puerto Rican beauty at the Create and Cultivate event in SXSW where they discussed the gender pay gap, questioning our value as Latina women, and speaking our truth.


I'd like to believe my magic is transparency, the desire for truth. I think in our industry we are so convoluted by what people believe we should say, how we should be, how we should be perceived, how we should dress, and I fall in those traps too - don't get it twisted. But I would love to believe that my magic is seeking the truth.


The 33-year-old actress believes that Latinos are learning from the black community's inclusion and support for change and movement. "The crazy thing is the first people that support me are also the first people to attack me. My Latinos are the first people to support me and the first people to attack me" says Rodriguez, adding, "it breaks my heart but I try every Monday to let them know that I'm here and I aint going nowhere."

The Jane the Virgin star says awareness of difference make us great and that millenialls such as Emma Gonzalez are teaching us to fight for action.

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Watch the full clip above.