Gal Gadot Refuses To Work On Any 'Wonder Woman' Sequel If Brett Ratner Is Involved

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There's no doubt that Wonder Woman was one of the most highly-acclaimed summer blockbusters.

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With the help of the film's main actor, Gal Gadot, the message of women's empowerment rang true to many of its audiences. However, an ironic twist has surfaced as Brett Ratner, the director who has now been accused of sexual assault on several occasions, was involved in the production of the film. Recent reports announced that Gadot is giving Warner Bros. an ultimatum – either Ratner is not involved in the sequel or she's out. But, was the director even involved in the sequel in the first place?

On Saturday, the New York Post reported that Gadot's battle with RatPac–Dune Entertainment co-founder continues as she will not stand for him and therefore, his involvement in any part of future "Wonder Woman" films. Within the past weeks, several reports of sexual harassment by Ratner surfaced – among those being Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. Warner Bros., who had worked closely with the filmmaker and his financing company, quickly cut ties with Ratner. The only thing that's left is the financing contract with RatPac-Dune Entertainment, which is set to expire this upcoming spring. 

Was Gadot's ultimatum legitimate? That's up for debate. Warner Bros. reported that the sequel to Wonder Woman will not be released until November of 2019, a substantial distance away from the contract's expiration date. In fact, according to Los Angeles Times, the last film to likely be covered by the financing company is "Rampage" which will be released in April of 2018. 

While the circumstances of Hollywood's filmmaking business continue to raise a question of morals, it is important that we focus on the positive outcomes of these events. Actresses, models, and more are coming together to not only support one another but to stand up and speak out for what's right. Movements like #MeToo encourage women, for the first time in a long time, to tell the truth about dark pasts and as difficult as it may be, it shows true strength.

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Little did we know, we are all our own kind of wonder woman.