Ouch! Jennifer Lopez Winds Up with a Black Eye Following This Incident

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What the heck, Jennifer Lopez?

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The singer/actress posted a somewhat concerning selfie of herself, makeup-free but donning a black eye. So, what happened?

Thankfully, no fist fight happened. The shiner was just makeup as she was on set of filming her TV show, Shades of Blue.

“Sometimes work can be rough...lol #shiner #blackeye #sufferforyourart #youshouldseetheotherguy #justkidding #nobodyhitme #imalovernotafighter #immafightertoo #youcantputmeinaboxbaby #okimdonewiththehashtags,” JLo captioned the photo. 

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Phew, glad that’s resolved. But we have to say, that black eye looks very believable. See the photo below.

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