Salma Hayek Says the U.S. Under Trump is a "Parallel Universe of Disinformation"

Salma Hayak opens up about the US under Trump

It's no secret Salma Hayek is no fan of Donald Trump.

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In a recent interview with DuJour Magazine, the Hollywood star talked the disturbing reality of living in the U.S during Trump era. "Every day the lies are being explained with facts, and then he says the press lied, and it’s like a parallel universe of disinformation" the actress explained.

Referencing back to the final presidential debate, where Trump accused his opposing candidate, Hillary Clinton, of being a “liar,” the Bandidas star pointed out the president's hypocrisy.

“I find it really interesting how he constantly accuses people of the things he does,” Hayek said. “Crooked Hillary — he’s not crooked?” 

The Mexicana, who publicly supported Clinton during the presidential elections, said the billionaire businessman was the liar. “Liar!" Hayek exclaimed. "He kept saying she was one, but then he was lying all the time. It’s terrifying."

But the actress remains optimistic that Americans will learn a thing or two from Trump's presidency. “I stay hopeful because I believe the best teacher in the world is your mistakes,” she said. “Maybe we will learn a lot from what is happening. I really do think things have to go a little bit south for people to come together and bounce back in a better way. This is how I see it.”

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This isn’t the first time the Mexican-born star has called out Trump. Back in October, the 50-year-old beauty claimed she turned down the commander-in-chief, and as a result he made up a story to the tabloids about her being too short for him.