Sofia Vergara's Fitness Inspiration is This 70-Year-Old Man

Sofia Vergara Reveals Which 'Modern Family' Co-Star is Her Fitspiration
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Sofia Vergara doesn't just magically have that smokin' body.

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The actress talked to SELF about her workout regimen and revealed that her gym inspiration is her Modern Family co-star Ed O'Neill. The 70-year old actor portrays Vergara's husband, Jay Pritchett, on the hit series, but his role extends far beyond playing house-husband. "Ed is a black belt in jiu-jitsu, and he works out every day," she said. "He's 70 years old and moves like a 40-year-old man. It's impressive to see what exercise has done to him."

And while she's always down to try something new, Vergara admits that doing the same workout day in and day out isn't for her. "I can’t do a CrossFit or anything that I have to be jumping because I have very bad knees," she said, on switching up her fitness regimen. Instead, Vergara switches up her routines every six months to keep it fresh. For now, it's boxing. Tomorrow, it can be whatever excites her the most.

The Colombiana knows, however, that her #BodyGoals aren't just about workouts. For she and hubby Joe Manganiello, it's all about balance in the kitchen, too. "We have a lot of healthy things, but we keep a balance," she says. "I do have a lot of fruits and vegetables, and we cook fresh meats. But I also have ice cream and dessert and we do that during the weekend. I try to control myself during the week."

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Luckily for her followers, Vergara often shares the sweet treats that she's indulging in on her Instagram page.