10 Latinos We'd Cast in 'Grease Live!'

"You're the one that I want!" Fox is ready to give viewers a new wave of Grease lightning. The network announced on Monday that it has ordered a three-hour live broadcast of Grease set to air during 2015. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grease Live will feature a young ensemble cast and be based on the 1971 Broadway musical of the same name and the 1978 hit feature film that starred Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. Since all the roles appear to still be up for grabs, we thought we'd share our dream cast of Latinos we think would be great for this Grease redo:

1. Adrienne Bailon as Sandy

Adrienne Bailon would make the perfect Sandy. The 30-year-old Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian star already has a knack for musicals (Cheetah Girls, anyone?). Adrienne also has that sweet and innocent girl-next-door look down.

2. Naya Rivera as Rizzo

Leader of the Pink Ladies? Naya Rivera is a shoe in as Rizzo! The Glee star can sing and has proven she can play the mean girl when necessary.

3. Selena Gomez as Jan

Selena Gomez as Jan? Survey says: yes! The 21-year-old Mexican-American is quite the funny girl, so we can definitely picture her being silly in pigtails and singing "Brusha Brusha Brusha."

4. Bruno Mars as Danny

Oh, Bruno Mars, we are hopelessly devoted to you. The "Treasure" singer has got the look and the vocal skills needed to play Danny. He's been rocking the pompadour for quite some time now, just waiting for the right moment to make it shine.

5. Carlos Pena, Jr. as Sonny

We can totally Carlos Pena, Jr. as Sonny with his prankster ways and bad boy style. He also knows all about working on musicals, having been one of the band members on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush.

6. Chrissie Fit as Marty

Having starred as Cheechee,one of the bikers in Disney's film, Teen Beach Movie, Chrissie Fit is the perfect Marty. The Cuban-American actress knows what it means to play a character part of a clique and completely obsessed with making sure her hair looks good.

7. Jake T. Austin as Kenickie

It can't be denied. With his slick hair and charming ways, Jake T. Austin would be the perfect casting choice for T-Bird Kenickie. We're not sure what his vocal skills are like, but hey, Kenickie wasn't much of a solo singer anyway.

8. Victoria Justice as Frenchy

Sweet and loving Victoria Justice would do great as Frenchy! This Pink Lady was one of the nicest to Sandy when she first arrived, plus our pick for Doody (Frenchy's beau) would look totally cute with Vic.

9. Diego Boneta as Doody

Hottie Diego Boneta as Doody should be every casting director's dream! The Mexicano, whom starred Rock of Ages, has proven he's got the moves, the voice, and the looks to fit in as part of the T-Birds.

10. Ryan Guzman as Putzie

Jan's boyfriend Putzie's main motivation is to have a good time and Ryan Guzman seems like just the type of guy to help fill that mold.