17 Stars With Jewish Ties!

Those who try to pigeonhole Latinos as stemming from a singular religious background quickly find themselves far off base. We are a proud, diverse population of people – and that includes our religious origins! Can you guess which of your favorite celebrities have ties to Judaism? Check out these stars who have some roots planted in the Jewish faith!

1. Jewish Ties: Nicole Gomez Fisher

Nicole Gomez Fisher 

The comedian and actress has two new titles to add to her resume: writer and director. Gomez Fisher used her mixed background as inspiration for her new film, Sleeping with the Fishes, which highlights a Jewish Latino family and stars Gina Rodriguez and Ana Ortiz. "My mother converted to Judaism when she married my father," she told Latino-Review.com. "You write what you know because it's closer to home and it's a bit more intimate."

2. Jewish Ties: Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez

The young actress will star in Sleeping with the Fishesa role that has her playing a Latina Jew–which isn't too much of a stretch for this starlet. "My Grandfather is a French Jew and my sister and her kids are fully Jewish," she told Latino-Review.com. "For me to play a Latina Jew, I was like, this is awesome."

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William Levy

Cuban actor William Levy might not be someone you’d expect to be on this list, but he certainly has a tie to Judaism. The star’s maternal grandfather was Jewish!

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Lea Michele

Talented Glee actress Lea Michele has been going through some difficult times these past few months, and it’s quite possible that she’s used faith to help her cope – she has a few to choose from! Though she was raised Roman Catholic, Michele’s father is a Spanish Sephardic Jew.

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Joaquin Phoenix

Actor Joaquin Phoenix had a more unique childhood than most, and that includes his religious upbringing. Before his parents joined, and subsequently left, the cult The Children of God, they were raised in other faiths. Phoenix’s mother was originally a Jewish girl from the Bronx!

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Sara Paxton

With beautiful blond hair and bright eyes, some people have trouble believing that actress Sara Paxton has Latina roots, let alone Jewish ones! Her Mexican-born mother is Jewish and her father converted when the two were married.

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David Blaine

Illusionist David Blaine may be a talented magician, but it’s not his religion! This Puerto Rican’s mother was of Russian Jewish descent.

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Cecilia Roth

Argentine actress Cecilia Roth, who has appeared in countless films, has Judaism in her roots! Her father is a Jewish immigrant from the Soviet Union and her mother is an Argentinean singer of Sephardic descent.

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Daniel Hendler

Daniel Hendler, the Uruguayan star of movies like The Paranoids and Lost Embrace, was brought up Jewish. Even though he is no longer religious, he attended Jewish school as a child and even had two bar mitzvah ceremonies!

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is best known for her role on the HBO hit The Sopranos, but before she was ever a member of America’s favorite mob family she was raised in her own Jewish family. Sigler’s father is of Greek Sephardic Jewish and Romanian Jewish descent. Her Cuba-born mother was born Catholic but converted when she was married.

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Daniel Benzali

Before actor Daniel Benzali starred on television shows like Murder One, Jericho and Nip/Tuck, he was born to Jewish parents in Brazil. Benzali’s father was even an actor in the Yiddish theater in New York!

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Rachel Ticotin

Even though Rachel Ticotin grew up in a large Puerto Rican community in New York, the actress has ties to Judaism. Her father, Abe, is a Russian Jew!

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Gabe Saporta

Both of musician Gabe Saporta’s parents are Jewish! More specifically, the Cobra Starship lead singer’s father comes from a Sephardic Spanish background.

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Freddie Prinze Jr.

While he wasn’t raised Jewish, believe it or not Freddie Prinze Jr. has some ties to Judaism on his father’s side. The actor’s paternal grandfather was Hungarian Jewish. It’s also interesting to note that the Prinze’s wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, was raised Jewish!

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Sarah Ramos

Actress Sarah Ramos played the obedient Catholic sister on American Dreams, but this Latina has ties to the Jewish faith! Ramos, who also starred in Parenthood, is Jewish on her mother’s side.

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Quiara Alegría Hudes

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Quiara AlegrÍa Hudes is also part Jewish. This author of In the Heights and Water by the Spoonful has a Puerto Rican mother and a Jewish father.

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Héctor Babenco

Fans of his work know that Argentinian Héctor Babenco has had the pleasure of directing some of the greatest actors in American cinema from Meryl Streep to Jack Nicholson to Kathy Bates. What people may not know is that Babenco has a parent with Jewish roots. His mother was a Polish Jewish immigrant!