Jennifer Lopez Film Bordertown Embroiled in Legal Battle

Will the Jennifer Lopez movie Bordertown end up going straight to video, as rumors suggest? The producers have yet to announce a US release date, and now we know why: New York's Daily News reported today that the movie's being held up by a court battle between the film's directors and producers.

Writer and director Gregory Nava has charged he was never paid for the project, causing the Directors Guild of America to issue an injuction for the film. The case is now before the Los Angeles Superior Court-- and the movie won't see light until a judge issues a decision. The film's producers, Mobius Entertainment, made no comment to the News.

This is just the latest blow to a project that's been mired in troubles almost since it wrapped: When it premiered at a Berlin film fest back in February, the audience actually booed Bordertown, and critics bashed it as "distasteful" and "funny, but not intentionally". The harsh reception actually drove Jennifer Lopez to tears...but honestly, if her acting was anything like it's been in recent flicks, we don't blame the audience--especially considering the film is about such a painful, serious subject.

In case you didn't know: Bordertown details the true-life mysterious murders of dozens of young women in Juarez, Mexico, and one brave journalist's fight to uncover the killers. J. Lo plays the reporter, while Antonio Banderas is a Mexican newspaper exec.