Movie Review: <i>Vantage Point</i>

Thrills don't come any cheaper than those in Vantage Point, a movie that pretends to be a political thriller with something to say about terrorism but is really an excuse for big, dumb, interminable car chases, explosions and shootouts.

The story, such as it is, involves the shooting of an American president (William Hurt) by terrorists at a conference in Spain. Told from eight different, increasingly implausible points of view—every 10 minutes or so the movie literally rewinds to tell the story from someone else's perspective. Right about the time you're ready to shoot yourself from watching the same stuff over and over (with a couple of tweaks), the movie spins forward to the inevitable running, chasing and shooting. But even here the movie disappoints, as you don't get anything that you haven't seen already in a 100 other action movies.

Nobody in a solid cast is good—not Hurt, Sigourney Weaver (as a predictably bitchy news producer), Forest Whitaker (a tourist who tapes incriminating evidence), Dennis Quaid (as a jittery secret service agent who once took a bullet for the president) or Matthew Fox (a secret service agent with a secret of his own). This is one of those movies where you practically see big stars fanning themselves with easy money on the screen—your money.

Damarys Ocaña