LISTEN: Jenni Rivera and Edward James Olmos Get Emotional for "Hurts So Bad"

Jenni Rivera fans finally get to listen to one of her final projects. La Diva de la Banda recorded a romantic duet with Edward James Olmos titled, “Hurts So Bad,” for their upcoming film, Filly Brown, scheduled for release on April 19.

Reminiscent of an oldies track, the ballad was written by Olmos and Rivera as well as Arthur Dominguez, Mico Olmos, Chris Perez, Edward "E-Dub" Rios, and David Salas. Lisa Rios, one of the producers of the film, dished on the making of the song to Billboard. “That session was like Chicano heaven," she said, “We feel honored to have been part of history that will live on forever."

Olmos also shared his experience in the recording studio with the talented singer. “It was a night filled with laughter because I don’t sing too well,” confessed Olmos in an interview.

Fans can expect to hear more new music by Jenni soon. Rivera recorded an English-language pop album in 2004, which will be released later this year. Besides her musical project and acting debut, Jenni had many crossover projects in the works before her tragic passing, including starring and producing in an ABC sitcom loosely based on her life.

Filly Brown will include a spoken dedication to Rivera by Rios, which states:

"Dear Jenni -- You've left us with an empty place in our heart. It's not just an ordinary empty place. It's an empty place that needs to be filled in all we do moving forward... know that you'll live on."

Listen to Jenni Rivera and Edward James Olmos' track "Hurts So Bad" and let us know what you think!