EXCLUSIVE: Pop Star Miguelito Talks New Music, Celebrity Crushes, and His Puerto Rican Heritage

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Do you have a career icon?

Yes, for the Latin market, it’s Daddy Yankee. For the American market, it’s the Jonas Brothers. When I was a kid, I used to look up to them and listen to their music. There was something that I liked about them: maybe it was their music or their style. I just wanted to be like them. I grew up loving their music, and loving what they did. When I saw their movie, I wanted to be like them! 

Do you want to do any acting?

Sure! I actually did a movie two years ago. I’m mostly focused on singing, but if I get a deal or an audition, I would take it. 

You're only 14, but you're so driven. Do you have any plans for college in the future?

I do want to go to college. I want to study sound engineering. I want to be a producer in addition to singing. But, in time, we’ll see if it’s possible for me to go to college. 

Do you have a dream school?

I’ve thought about UCLA, Stanford, and Kentucky.

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