Jennifer Lopez's New 'Teeology' Campaign: "My Life Can Be A Little Bit Crazy"

Jennifer Lopez is quite the fashionista -- that's undeniable. So her new partnership with brand Teeology should not come as a shock. The entertainer smiles big for her ad with the brand in her "Viva Love" shirt and also debuted a new video to go along with it on

In the video, the 43-year-old entertainer states: “My life can be a little bit crazy. I’m on the run 24/7, but when it’s my time, I’m all about my Teeology tees. Up-and-coming designers. They upload their designs. It’s all about passion, creativity...I love it! Discovering fresh new talent and giving them a platform is so inspirational.”

Check out more of the pics on and watch the video below! Will you be buying a tee?