Raquel Welch's 10 Sexiest Moments Ever!

At 73, Raquel Welch is still one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood! After appearing in 1966's One Million Years B.C., the Bolivian American actress was deemed a sex symbol -- a title she is certainly still living up to. To honor the iconic, never-seems-to-age beauty, we've rounded up some of her sexiest moments. Check it out:

1. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: 100 Million Years BC

In 1966, Raquel starred in a remake of One Million Years B.C. as Loana. Her still shot from the movie became a best-selling poster and instantly turned her into an instant pin-up girl, and leading sex symbol of the era.

2. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Flareup

In 1969, Raquel hit the screen as Michele in the movie Flareup, looking muy sexy! The following year she landed on the cover of Playboy and was dubbed the "Most Desired Woman."

3. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Bedazzled

In 1967's Bedazzled, Raquel played Lilian Lust -- a character who represented one of the seven deadly sins. Can we say, caliente?

4. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Legally Blonde

For the Legally Blonde premiere in 2001, Raquel wore this youthful number. Work it, girl!

5. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Golden Globes

For the 2005 Golden Globe Awards, Raquel wore a sleek form-fitting gown that showed off her fabulous figure.

6. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Barnes & Noble

In 2010, at a signing for her book Raquel: Beyond The Cleavage at The Grove in Los Angeles, Raquel was looking bella as ever in this stylish pant suit.

7. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Carousel of Hope

Raquel strutted her stuff on the pink carpet wearing this purple gown to the 32nd Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Gala in 2010.

8. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: John Wayne event

Raquel opted for a tantalizing lady in red look at John Wayne Cancer Institutes 26th Annual Odyssey Ball in 2011.

9. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Mont Blanc

While in attendance at the 2012 Vanity Fair Montblanc Party, Raquel glistened in this shimmery ensemb.

10. Raquel Welch Sexiest Moments: Emmy Party

For Entertainment Weekly's 2013 Pre-Emmys Party, Raquel wowed onlookers with her chic leopard look.