Sofia Vergara Says Her Wedding Will Be a "Big Event"

Don't expect a traditional wedding from Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family star got engaged to Nick Loeb during her 40th birthday celebration in Mexico last year. Although the Colombian actress hasn't had much time to plan her big day, she is confident that it's going to be a big bash.

"If I'm going to do something, it's going to have to be a big event," Sofia revealed to People. According to reports, Sofia is also protecting her assets with a $10 million prenuptial agreement. The Colombian star’s future husband is rumored to be worth $15 million, while the Pepsi and Covergirl model is currently the highest paid actress on television and racked up an estimated $19 million last year alone.

When it comes to how she envisions the celebration, she said, "We don't do that type of tradition. [Nick and I want] more like of a party [with] music, dancing, a lot of food; not really sitting there hours and giving speeches."

What do you think about Sofia's wedding vision?