'American Idol' Recap: Tenna Torres Survives Sudden Death Round!

American Idol introduced a new twist to narrow down their semi-finalists in the form of sudden death rounds. The 40 contestants remaining will brave it out on stage in Las Vegas in the hopes of making the top 20 and meeting the judges back in Hollywood, but only five out of ten will get chosen in the course of the next four episodes.

Last night it was up to the women to own the stage. Tenna Torres, 28, from Queens, New York did exactly that. The Camp Mariah alum sang Natasha Bedingfield's "Soulmate," and while the performance gave us goose bumps at home, Nicki Minaj praised Torres on her 1990's R&B tone and gave her some pointers on her hairstyle. "Lose the hair. Cut it all off! The hair that you had originally made you look younger. This one is aging you," she said.

"This is the start of the night! You gave a beautiful delivery. This is what becoming the next American Idol is all about," raved Randy Jackson. Keith Urban also expressed his approval, "Beautiful, that was a beautiful song for you to do...it's also a deceptively big song that requires a lot of control, which you mostly had throughout that performance."

Her idol Mariah Carey also agreed, "You know I love you...This was all you. You gave every bit of your emotion...you were just giving a naturally beautiful performance." Mimi's attitude and ability to mentor gets an A+ from us.

Congrats Tenna! Were you a fan of her performance?