Cote de Pablo Talks New 'NCIS' Episode

Chilean actress Cote de Pablo, who plays fan favorite Ziva David on TV's #1 drama, NCIS, stopped by Entertainment Weekly recently to talk about last week’s incredibly sad hour on the show that left two familiar faces dead: Ziva’s father Eli (Michael Nouri) and Vance’s wife Jackie (Paula Newsome).

"We have no idea who's done this," Pablo said of last week’s episode, which won her Performer of the Week on TV Line. "We are on the lookout and she's filled with all sorts of anger and grief, which will probably steer her in a direction I'll gladly play."

You see, what had happened was… after Ziva realized that her father was responsible for a murder the team was investigating, she told him that his chances for redemption were slim. Eli then invited her to have one last meal together at Vance’s (Rocky Carroll) house, which is where the drama began. Bullets rained over the home, and both Eli and Vance’s wife Jackie were shot and killed.

With two family members dead, the NCIS team will no doubt be out for major revenge tonight.

"Now they're trying to figure out what's going to happen,” Pablo said of tonight’s episode. “Are we gunna catch the bad guy? Is [Ziva] gunna go through some sort of metamorphosis? Is she going to run her own little undercover operation to deal with things and take matters into her own hands? What just happened is huge. I'm actually excited to see what's going to happen.”

So are we. Watch NCIS tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.