EXCLUSIVE: Edy Ganem Talks 'Devious Maids' & The Finale!

I love all the chicas on the show but you’re the envy because you get to lock labios with Drew Van Acker. For those of us who will never experience this, tell us what it’s like.

I was so taken by [the kiss] that it left me in a daze! [laughs] Drew is so much fun to work with. Since we’re the young ones we got to bond and we’re friends. I also got to hang out with Dania [Ramirez] a lot too.

There is this scene we did where Remi thanks me for saving his life when he comes back from rehab and during rehearsals I couldn’t stop laughing. We had to shoot that scene like ten times! He’s really cool though; if I need more time to rehearse we’re there for each other.

I bet the kissing scenes require a lot of rehearsal time!

Of course! I like to spread it out so that we practice it a little bit now, a little more later, then again right before we go to shoot it. [laughs]

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