FOX Signs New Talent Deals With Latinos

FOX is trying to keep up with the demand for Latino actors on television by signing Mexican actors Martha Higareda and Adan Canto on for talent deals on the network. According to, the network’s head of casting Tess Sanchez, and Mexican casting director Yolanda Guillen conducted a four-week search for FOX to find mostly established performers from Latin America to see who had potential as cross-over talent to U.S. television. Higareda and Canto were the chosen ones.

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Higareda has been called “the Mexican Sandra Bullock” and has worked both in Spanish-language films as well has Hollywood movies and U.S. television programming like CSI: Miami and the Lifetime movie Lies In Plain Sight. Her work in 2007’s Fuega Del Cielo garnered her a Mexican Academy Award nomination. Canto is an up-and-coming actor in Mexico and is new to Hollywood.

Both actors are being considered for a FOX pilot centered on three Latina sisters developed by Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta and executive produced by American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

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ABC recently signed a deal with Gina Rodriguez from the Sundance film Filly Brown, CBS has been promoting Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez in ¡Rob!, and Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has been contributing to high ratings on ABC’s Modern Family. With an increased interest in Latino talent across the board from the four big U.S. broadcast networks, there will surely more talent deals to come.