Carmen Villalobos on Being Latina: "We Have Flavor!"

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos is currently starring in one of the highest rated Telemundo series, Ojo Por Ojo (Eye For an Eye), also starring Venezuelan actress, Gaby Espino. The telenovela, which is now on syndication, stars Carmen playing Nadya Monsalve in the drama-intense storyline about forbidden love and betrayal.

The 28-year-old actress currently still lives in Colombia when she isn't filming in the U.S. When it comes to her pride about being Latina, Carmen exclusively revealed that there's a lot to be proud of. "We have flavor and a positive outlook on life!"

She continues, "We have the type of personalities that people just gravitate towards. Latinas are authentic and real with ourselves in a way that is very unique to us, I think."

We couldn't agree more! Watch Carmen Villalobos in action on Mun2 and let us know, what do you think about her comments?