WATCH: William Levy & Elizabeth Gutiérrez Share Kiss on National TV

William Levy shared a moment with Elizabeth Gutiérrez last night when they were spotted kissing – on national television. The two exes shared a quick smooch on Univision’s Mira Quien Baila, during which the Mexican American actress was eliminated last night.

“I feel like a winner. To have reached this point is a success,” Gutiérrez said of her time in the dancing competition. “I am blessed for the support from the audience.”

A Timeline of William Levy & Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s On-Again, Off-Again Romance

Looking radiant in a sparkly teal outfit, Gutiérrez was greeted by Levy, who walked onto the show’s stage and hugged her in a tight embrace. Soon after, the audience erupted into a repetitive chant, encouraging both the Cuban hottie actor and Gutiérrez to kiss. And so it went; after they kissed, both had huge smiles on their faces. Levy said that he was very proud of Gutiérrez’s performance on the show.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Hints At Reconciliation with William Levy

Check out the kiss between Levy and Gutiérrez below: