5 Reasons Why We Loved Tatiana, La Reina De Los Niños

If you grew up Latina in the '90s, you already know that Tatiana ruled your world.

With her vibrant energy, La Reina de los Niños blew up your television screen with glitter, rainbows, magic and love. La mexicana taught us our favorite nursery rhymes in Spanish along with tons of super fun dances that we still love to this day (El Chango Morango, anyone?)

Ahead are just some of the reasons why we love her.

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1. Her Costumes

Tatiana's costumes had us absolutely in awe with all of the stars, glitter, bright colors and rainbows. So many little girls dressed up as her to attend her concerts, birthday parties and anywhere else they could beg their parents to wear it. 

2. Her TV Show

Watching El Show de Tatiana made us feel like we were part of the biggest and best party of the weekend. Dancing and singing along to her songs with her animal friends was the best part.

3. Her Music

Not only did we love seeing her sing and dance on El Show de Tatiana, but we had each and every single cassette tape of her greatest hits, such as La Ranita, Superfantastico and, of course, our favorite — Detras La Acoriris!

4. Her Telenovela Appearances

In addition to singing the theme song to Carita de Angel, Tatiana also appeared in Amy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul as Amy's mermaid best friend, Coral. She made us believe we could actually be mermaids when we grew up. 

5. She Helped Us Learn Spanish

By singing traditional English songs in Spanish, such as "Itzy Witzy Araña" or "Detras La Acoriris," Tatiana helped bridge that cultural gap for young Latinas growing up in the United States.