Exclusive Clip: Gina Rodriguez Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look at 'Miss Bala'

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Gina Rodriguez is ready to kick butt in this exclusive clip from her new film Miss Bala

The Jane the Virgin star gives Latina.com readers a look behind-the-scenes look at her "ride-or-die film."

Rodriguez leads in this action remake about Gloria, a woman who trains to take down a dangerous drug cartel after her close friend is kidnapped in Tijuana. She stars opposite Ismael Cruz-Cordoba (Ray Donovan), who plays a mysterious character named Lino. Is he good? Is he bad?

In this film, you'll see Rodriguez like you've never seen her before! She'll be armed and in charge...all while wearing sexy, high heels.

"Jane the Virgin, the character that I work on the majority of the year, has a different body structure than my character Gloria," she says in the clip. "I do my own stunts, ya'll! I got very disciplined and focused."

She added, "I'm an adrenaline junkie. I had to shoot guns and drive crazy cars and run across big, huge parking lots back and forth like 80 plus times. 

Gloria ends up evolving from a very ordinary to very extraordinary human being."

Check out our clip below and don't forget to head to. theaters to watch Miss Bala on February 1st.