Rugged Sophistication & Tacos at Timo Weiland. Yes, Tacos!

Rugged Sophistication & Tacos at Timo Weiland's Fall/Winter Fashion Week Presentation

The tres-chic trio that makes up Timo Weiland are friends and colleagues Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang - and boy did they score big with this season's collection.

Timo Weiland brings a stylish and sophisticated eye to men's casual wear, blending corduroy, leather, wool and knits! Perfect for a weekend getaway, the color palette consisted of deep earthy colors like indigo, navy blue, burgundy, hunter green, gray, and maroon, along with appearances from prints like black and white gingham, black and navy plaid and shadow plaid. The collection was nicely finished with Clarks footwear, a sponsor of the collection.

We scored an exclusive interview with Creative Director Timo Weiland and Design Director Alan Eckstein about the inspiration for the collection, their latest travels to Mexico and their favorite Mexican food!

Tell us about the inspiration behind your collection.

Timo: It's an upstate New York weekend. We were really influenced by this gorgeous weekend we spent together. It's kind of a normal occurrence for us because we are always dressing for these adventures that we create for ourselves on the weekends. It's loose luxury, very relaxed, casual but also very put together In a kind-of dressed up streetwear.  There's a lot of musical influence, you know, [because] we DJ on the side.

You said you guys go on adventures, have you had any Latin adventures?

Alan: We went to Mexico City about a month and a half ago and my girlfriend and I are going to Nicaragua in four weeks.  

Is there a favorite dish you had while you were there (Mexico City)?

Alan: Everthying! We had two lunches and two dinners every single day. it was amazing. We just ate a lot of tacos.

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