Lourdes Leon: Tween Style Icon

1. Lourdes Tween Style

Here’s Lourdes Leon with her Cuban dad, Carlos, in NYC. Notice how she cobbles together a spunky little outfit with knee high striped socks and high-waisted red shorts. Too cute!

2. Lourdes Tween Style 2

On the street, Lola’s look is pure rock 'n' roll. Though she isn't wearing the traditional Kabbalah white outfit here, she's headed to her spiritual center in NYC. Are those denim tights she's wearing with her high-top Converse?


3. Lourdes Tween Style 3

In her younger years, Lourdes often matched big momma Madonna’s style. Here’s the pair in 2002, wearing matching tracksuits while strolling through antique stores on Melrose Avenue.


4. Lourdes Tween Style 4

Lourdes’ red carpet style definitely veers in a more modest direction. Smiling with stepfather Guy Ritchie and brother Rocco, she wears an elegant coat, black leggings and pretty flats to the premiere of Fred Claus in 2007.

5. Lourdes Tween Style 5

Looking like a Latina princess in London, a six-year-old Lourdes arrives with Madonna to a party for Mario Testino wearing a black sweater, Burberry skirt and adorable pigtails.

6. Lourdes Tween Style 6

Leaving Madonna's home in NYC, Lourdes is sporting all of her signature looks—worn out Converse, knee-high socks, a headband, wayfarers, and a black-and white-palette. She’s also got her two best accessories in tow—father Carlos and a galpal. Way to put it all together!


7. Lourdes Tween Style 7

Is that M.I.A.? Nope, it’s Lourdes in bold high-waisted leggings and glittery shades. Carlos can’t keep with up with his daughter’s fashion-forward looks!

8. Lourdes Tween Style 8

Madonna goes for Parisian glamour in New York, and Lourdes is just as chic in a black sequined tank, white skirt and matching sneakers. Can you think of a more fabulous mother-daughter style team?

9. Lourdes Tween Style 9

She’s only 12, but Lourdes is already a Gucci girl! Madonna's baby dearest wears a sleek black satin evening gown at "A Night to Benefit Malawi and Unicef" hosted by Madonna and Gucci at the United Nations in NYC. The opaque tights are a good look. So grown up!

10. Lourdes Tween Style 10

Roy Orbison, eat your heart out. Lourdes Leon wears heavy black hornrims with a random purple scarf and super high top gold sneakers to yet another Kabbalah meeting in NYC. And somehow it all works!