Michael Kors, Spring 2008 Collection

Ever since Project Runway, it seems the Michael Kors brand, has become more fresh, more exciting, more Americana. At least in my eyes. He designs for the working girl. She is muy fuerte and feminine, and doesn't hide her sex appeal behind cutesy dresses. Instead, she opts for bold silhouettes with solid structure. Inspired by ads of Virginia Slims and Charlie, from the 1970s, Kors designed a spring collection for the woman who rules the boardroom, rocks the beachfront and reigns the gala–with style, of course. With the roar of Olivia Newton John's Xanadu as his backbeat, Kors sent out models wearing navy suits; safari jackets with wide-leg trousers; überthin cashmere sweaters; white maillots with gold-link straps; stripes and Impressionist-inspired florals; and gold sequins and vibrant chiffon dresses in green, coral and peach. His silhouettes were so clean and classic that twenty years from now, we're more than certain that someone else will be looking at his clothes for inspiration. —MAC