Eva Mendes' Stylist, Negar Ali Kline, Talks Spring Trends, Summer Travel Essentials & More!

Exclusive: Negar Ali Kline talks about trends for the summer & more

Celebrity stylist and costume designer Negar Ali Kline, has worked with some of the biggest A-list celebrities like Eva Mendes, Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce.

Negar has recently partnered with Carefree® daily liners, to deliver confidence and freshness to women when they need it most. 

See what she had to say about spring trends, summer essentials and just how to look stylish on a budget, in our exclusive interview. 

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What items do you feel are worth splurging for the Spring/Summer?

I always think shoes justify a splurge. My favorites for Spring/Summer are Chloe. A great pair of sandals will make any outfit, from a Maxi dress to a pair of cut-off jean shorts.

What styling advice can you give women who want to look fashionable but are on a budget?

I am a firm believer that one can look fashionable on any budget. Invest in the classics that can be worn inter-changeably, so you have the fundamental building blocks of a wardrobe, like a well fitted blazer, great pair of jeans, pointy stilettos and then for a fun fashion thrill visit retailers like TopShop or Zara. I also really like Everlane. 

What fashion trend for the spring/summer are you most excited about?

Fringe! It’s everywhere and I love it! Such a fun moment!!

What fashion trend are you least excited about/totally over?

Platform shoes.

What advice would you give women who want to look their best during beach season?

Plan ahead. I once read that summer bodies are made in winter. Also, I really love the one-piece, it’s really chic on all body types!

If you could pick five travel essentials for the summer what would they be? 

A great book, sunscreen, white jeans, amazing sunnies and a white dress.

What advice can you give women who want to look fashionable yet remain comfortable while attending music festivals?

I think comfortable shoes are a must, like a pair of fashion sneakers. It is a long day and cute but comfortable footwear is non-negotiable. A cross body bag/purse is a good option to keep hands free (J Crew has a good one right now) and I also think Carefree Acti-Fresh Daily Liners are a great secret to keep you feeling fresh, confident and comfortable during those long active days!

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