'Orange is the New Black's' Danielle Brooks Helps Launch Image Series With Plus-Size Women

'Orange is the New Black's Danielle Brooks Helps Launch Series of Stock Images Featuring Plus-Size Women
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Danielle Brooks is speaking for plus-size women and we love it. 

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The actress is partnering up with Refinery29 for their new campaign, The 67% Project. Brooks will be the guest creative director. The initiative is asking to have more plus-size women featured in mainstream media so the media outlet has partnered up with Getty Images to have a series of stock images, The 67% Collection, that feature only plus-size women. 

The news comes after a new study featured in the International Journal of Fashion, Design, Technology and Education shows that the average size of a woman in the United States is 16. 67 percent of women in America are considered plus-size but they only make up for 2 percent of the bodies we see in the media. 

"I have been plus-size since I was in high school and started developing like any other girl," Brooks told SELF. "It’s always been heartbreaking growing up...to not see myself. And now I am that girl I wanted to see, and I can’t wait to see what it does for the next generation of women that are coming up."

For Brooks it is very important to see women of different shapes and sizes around them so that we finally start to accept that this is our new normal. 

"I was not the only plus-size woman, the only person of color, not the only one with natural hair, not the only dark-skinned woman. Jenji [Kohan] created a show that is all inclusive. Age, size, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs—that’s the world that we live it. That’s part of what I want to continue doing."

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It's about time we start accepting that not every woman is a size 2 and this is totally helping the cause.