Real Latina Rocks Her Curves In a Sexy Leather Jacket

Leather never goes out of style! For this week’s edition of Latina Style Wars we asked you to rock your favorite stylish leather jacket! With leather (and vegan leather) being so perfect for Fall, there are a million different ways to wear it. You can pair it with a sexy dress or go for a chic punk rocker look. Because of that, this week’s decision was a tough one!

Our lucky winner is the stunning MayVille (@mayville_ on Instagram). She knew exactly what she was doing when she picked out this look. She paired her classic black leather jacket with this perfect pink bodycon dress and strappy pumps. Her hair, makeup, and ensemble are all on point! It almost wasn't fair! We’re looking at our closets this weekend in hopes of replicating this sexy look. Good job, MayVille!

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Are you into this leather look? Which color leather do you go for: classic black or a daring, bright color, like read? How do you wear your leather?Tell us in the comments!