Wardrobe Essential: Hoodies

Although hoodies aren’t currently being celebrated by the high priestesses of
fashion this season, this humble garment remains a functional staple of the
modern woman’s wardrobe. In fact, on a recent bus commute in Los Angeles, an
informal survey revealed that every last Latina on the jam-packed Metro was
sporting a hoodie of some sort.

Back in the 1990s, fashion
labels like Triple 5 Soul and Darryl K began making shrunken hoodies tailored to
a woman’s figure so she wouldn’t have to drown in her boyfriend’s collegiate
one. This development was critical, because it allowed females to look sexy and
sporty at the same time. Ten years later, this beloved casual sweater has become
so ubiquitous that, like T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, it has simply transcended
fashion and become an essential.

On a practical level, the
hood allows the wearer to keep her head warm or to obscure her face and hair
when she needs to hide. On a stylistic level, the hood can be draped over her
jacket as a kind of urban renegade embellishment. So you can explore these
various options, we’ve rounded up a slew of cute hoodies to browse.

—Serena Kim