Weekend Shopper: GO International with Richard Chai

Starting now and every Friday, we're giving you tips on where to shop when you're not stuck with those pesky weekday duties...as if you needed any more encouragement to splurge on the weekends! But hey, we all deserve a little retail therapy sometimes, no crees?

First stop: Target's brand new GO International Collection by Richard Chai. This fashion favorite used to design clothes for Marc Jacobs before going solo in 2004, and his self-described "futuristic romantic" looks typically retail in the thousands. So the fact that he's now creating affordable clothes--from graffiti rose-print dresses and leather vests to elongated cardigans and a plaid trench coat, all for under $80--is a fashionista's dream come true.

The collection hits stores Sunday, Aug. 3, so get thee to a Target this weekend and scoop up some Richard Chai before it's all gone!

--Monica Herrera