Summer Skirts for Your Body Shape!

With this heat, who wants to think about long pants that cover your legs? We didn’t think so. We found super cute skirts that work for you to keep you cool and looking hot. 

1. Summer Skirts: Pear Shaped


With such large assets, J. Lo knows a high-waisted pencil skirt will highlight her curves while still keeping her bottom half streamlined.

ASOS Pencil Skirt with Blocking Panels, $22,

2. Summer Skirts: Tall


For a statuesque woman like Camila Alves, it is easy to wear a long flowy skirt without it overwhelming your frame.

Zara long flowy skirt, $80,


3. Summer Skirts: Petite


As a petite girl, Nicole Ritchie gets a pass to show some leg to elongate her.

Topshop Pink Jacquard Mini Skirt, $36,

4. Summer Skirts: Straight


When Selena Gomez wears a poof or pleated skirt, it adds some volume to her lower body making her look curvy.

Free People About Girl Tutu Mini, $165,

5. Summer Skirts: Hourglass


Let’s face it, Sofia Vergara’s body is pretty much perfect, so pieces like this flounce skirt highlight her voluptuous body without constricting it.

Cynthia Vincent Flounce Skirt, $89,